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fswire is a fully compliant, social market data feed that delivers real-time and historical, market relevant information, by asset, to the financial markets community.

Real time analysis of social data for finance

FSwire monitors the entire Twitter Firehose in real-time to extract all quality content that can potentially impact the capital markets.

Using intelligent, self-learning and proprietary algorithms, FSwire instantly analyses the relevant content to understand the security, currency, commodity, country, event or theme that it is related to.

For Traders, researchers and analysts, FSwire eliminates the noise to provide compliant access to relevant breaking news, information, rumours and trends that originate on Twitter and that can affect their specific areas of interest.

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News direct from the source, by-passing agencies and distributors
We currently have a large position in APPLE. We believe the company to be extremely undervalued.
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Realtime, machine
readable news

The most real time news and links of financially relevant content available for automating the consumption and systematic analysis of news. Deliver every link and leading edge news analytics from Twitter, directly to your applications.

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Add analytics data to
your charts

Provide your users with sentiment, message volume and trending data that is designed to be added to existing pricing charts. Data includes basic technical analysis such as simple moving averages that can also be added to charts.

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Integrate social with
trading models

fswire does the hard lifting of data consumption, aggregation, cleansing, sentiment and contextual analysis, leaving you with clean data to get serious with introducing social elements to your existing models.